Working for Unity

It's now official: Starting from next month, I'll be working full-time at Unity.

This blog has been mostly about moving slowly toward entrepreneurship and away from the mundane grind. One could argue that this move is a step backwards. I see it more like a step to the side.

My experiences with work has never been very positive. I don't really fit that nine-to-five mold. Since discovering Unity the tool, the company behind it has made a special impression on me. They seem different. I can't quite explain how, but it just seems that way. Visiting the Copenhagen offices confirmed this. It wasn't anything like any of the other companies I worked for.

I did have some doubts: would I be giving up a part of my independency? Maybe. Wouldn't this impact the development of my own products? Yes. I might even lose some money? Possibly. Then I realized something: I've always ended up in the wrong places by trying to rationalize like this. Following your passion means following your gut. My gut was screaming for me to join Unity. So that's what I did.

What this means for my current products RageSpline and RagePixel?

By agreement with Unity I will keep selling RageSpline, but won't be actively developing it anymore. I'll fix bugs, merge outside patches and answer e-mails, but I won't be adding significant new features myself. Some people might be a little upset about this, but remember that I'll still be making awesome things for Unity.

With RagePixel it's a little different. It's so early in the development cycle and I don't have the time necessary to push it forward. I wan't to focus on my work at Unity. This means that I just have to let RagePixel go. I'll reboot the bot infested forums and try to encourage an open-source community around it, though. I can only hope that others will pick up where I left.

My involvement with the Asset Store Madness sale has to end as well. It's too weird for a Unity employee to organize this sort of thing. I'm trying to find someone else to take over the website and run the next sale somewhere in the future. If you are one of the top-tier Asset Store developers and would like to pick up the torch, please contact me.

That's it. I can't wait to start at Unity. See you at NinjaCamp!

Juha Kiili
April 7th, 2012