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My first two months in the Asset Store

This is a follow-up post to my earlier post: My first five days in the Asset Store.

For those who are not familiar with the story of RageSpline: it is an extension to Unity which allows you to create 2D vector graphics inside the editor. You can get a feel of the tool from this video.

Originally, I was going to post a follow-up after the first month, but I was so busy coding the v1.1 update, giving support on the forums and replying e-mails, that I just let that one month anniversary pass by. Well, I’m still busy and v1.1 still isn’t out, but I’m going to post this anyway. That’s the irony of indie blogging: when cool stuff starts to happen you are too busy to actually write about it.

When I released RageSpline v1.0 in the Unity Asset Store I was still in more or less considering it as an experiment. Just ship a product and see what happens. Now that I have seen the light, I have taken a different approach. I’m trying to build a product that would hopefully brings me income for long haul and grows to be a sustainable business. In the wake of this new professionalism, I have now invested some of the income to hire outside help.

Juho Lehtinen, a Web Developer from Lehtumedia, is helping me launch an official website at The website will provide much awaited documentation, scripts and tutorials. I would also love to feature cool looking RageSpline powered games. Wink wink ;) .

Arash John Sammander, Designer and Artist from TAIK, is shooting tutorial videos on how to efficiently use the RageSpline. These will be eventually released at the website too and complement the written documentation nicely.

Breno Azevedo, Game Designer and Technical CG Artist from Fluidplay Studios, is creating an extension for RageSpline called RageTools. It will provide SVG import and animation support plus much more. This project is not funded by me and will be a separate product in the Asset Store once it is released. I’m of course supporting this as much as I can.

I myself have been working my ass off with the upcoming v1.1 update, which has a lot of code rewritten from scratch. I’ve recreated most of the user interface too, and it is now much less crowded despite the vast amount of new features. The update is now in beta stage and I’m optimistic that we will see the actual release in Asset Store very soon. I’m still holding on to my decision of not publishing any set release dates, though.

As always, I saved the best punchline last: the sales figures.

My first two months in the Asset Store generated over $11000 sales. Unity Asset Store taking their 30% cut leaves me with approximately $8000. Not bad, not bad at all.

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June 23rd, 2011 at 2:52 pm

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My first five days in the Asset Store

Whenever someone in the game developer community even so much as hints about actual sales numbers, it gets a lot of readers. It also seems that there is a huge bias for reporting success vs. reporting failure in the Blogosphere. I’m no exception to the rule. This is a Bragposttm. No doubt.

Five days ago, I got a mail from Caitlyn from the Unity Asset Store Team: “Your product RageSpline has passed the review and is available at the store.” I smiled and nodded in approval. I quickly opened the actual Asset Store and BOOM. There I was, already showcased on the big banner space. I smiled so hard that I bit my own tongue. Fast forward five days. I’ve been smiling so hard recently that I’m considering plastic surgery to get my normal expression back. Luxury problems I guess.

The story of RageSpline started a few weeks ago. My current game project – RageCube – was looking like the screenshot on the left. I wanted it to be more like the picture on the right. Most of all: I wanted roundness. Unity’s own primitives are quite, uh, primitive. I hate to use 3D modeling software for 2D purposes. That is like shooting a fly with 10-feet cannon. “All I need is a couple of splines”, I thought.

Luckily, I wasn’t totally green on the subject. Couple of years ago, during my school project – Quickrally – I used splines to generate 3D racetracks. However, my mileage with Unity’s Custom Editor scripting was near zero. I was a bit afraid. This side of Unity seemed more of a black box. Oh boy was I wrong. The very reason that RageSpline exists today is the total awesomeness of Unity Editor scripting. I could write a book of love poems dedicated to it. I was finally brave enough to admit it: I was a Unity fanboi.

At this point, I didn’t really see the potential of the tool for others. I thought it was ok, but “not of use to others”. I’m not a very bright person when it comes to judging my own products. I often refer to myself as a natural born pessimist. Just read the very first post in this blog and you know what I mean.

One day I had an idea: since level creation was so fast with this new tool, it would be kind a cool to make a time-lapse video (above), where I build a single level for the game. At the end of the video, I would then introduce a link to the actual playable level. I made the video and it got some attention. People were saying stuff like “wow, great tools, did you make them yourself?“. Now I still couldn’t muster enough brainpower to realize that maybe I should actually sell them. Like I mentioned, I’m dumb like that.

Finally some people sent me e-mails and messages that said: “when are you going to release your tools in the Asset Store?“. At this point, I was like Homer Simpson with his thought bubble: “Asset Store.. ASSET STORE!!.. SHUT UP YOU STUPID MONKEY!”. After a week of hard polishing on my Easter holiday, I submitted the whole shebang.

And this is how the situation is right now. I generated sales of $3000 in five days. IN FIVE DAYS. What the hell? Of course Unity Asset Store takes its 30% cut, so I’m left with $2100, but that’s still mind-blowingly hilarious. I honestly thought that I would sell 10 copies max. I’m dumb like that.

Written by Juha Kiili

April 28th, 2011 at 10:41 pm

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