My First Five Days in the Asset Store

Whenever someone in the game developer community even so much as hints about actual sales numbers, it gets a lot of readers. It also seems that there is a huge bias for reporting success vs. reporting failure in the Blogosphere. I’m no exception to the rule. This is a Bragposttm. No doubt.

Five days ago, I got a mail from Caitlyn from the Unity Asset Store Team: “Your product RageSpline has passed the review and is available at the store.” I smiled and nodded in approval. I quickly opened the actual Asset Store and BOOM. There I was, already showcased on the big banner space. I smiled so hard that I bit my own tongue. Fast forward five days. I’ve been smiling so hard recently that I’m considering plastic surgery to get my normal expression back. Luxury problems I guess.

The story of RageSpline started a few weeks ago. My current game project – RageCube – was looking like the screenshot on the left. I wanted it to be more like the picture on the right. Most of all: I wanted roundness. Unity’s own primitives are quite, uh, primitive. I hate to use 3D modeling software for 2D purposes. That is like shooting a fly with 10-feet cannon. “All I need is a couple of splines”, I thought.

Luckily, I wasn’t totally green on the subject. Couple of years ago, during my school project – Quickrally – I used splines to generate 3D racetracks. However, my mileage with Unity’s Custom Editor scripting was near zero. I was a bit afraid. This side of Unity seemed more of a black box. Oh boy was I wrong. The very reason that RageSpline exists today is the total awesomeness of Unity Editor scripting. I could write a book of love poems dedicated to it. I was finally brave enough to admit it: I was a Unity fanboi.

At this point, I didn’t really see the potential of the tool for others. I thought it was ok, but “not of use to others”. I’m not a very bright person when it comes to judging my own products. I often refer to myself as a natural born pessimist. Just read the very first post in this blog and you know what I mean.

One day I had an idea: since level creation was so fast with this new tool, it would be kind a cool to make a time-lapse video (above), where I build a single level for the game. At the end of the video, I would then introduce a link to the actual playable level. I made the video and it got some attention. People were saying stuff like “wow, great tools, did you make them yourself?“. Now I still couldn’t muster enough brainpower to realize that maybe I should actually sell them. Like I mentioned, I’m dumb like that.

Finally some people sent me e-mails and messages that said: “when are you going to release your tools in the Asset Store?“. At this point, I was like Homer Simpson with his thought bubble: “Asset Store.. ASSET STORE!!.. SHUT UP YOU STUPID MONKEY!”. After a week of hard polishing on my Easter holiday, I submitted the whole shebang.

And this is how the situation is right now. I generated sales of $3000 in five days. IN FIVE DAYS. What the hell? Of course Unity Asset Store takes its 30% cut, so I’m left with $2100, but that’s still mind-blowingly hilarious. I honestly thought that I would sell 10 copies max. I’m dumb like that.

Juha Kiili
April 28th, 2011