Blunk & RagePixel

Here is a link to the game: Blunk

My last post was many sunsets ago, but such is life.

On Christmas, I had one week off from work, and noticed the Unity 3.5 and their Flash contest. First I thought that I don’t want to “waste” my Christmas for coding, but soon came to my senses. I think sitting in front of a computer screen is a proper, noble and legal way to spend the holidays. My Mrs. didn’t agree, though.

I saw a triple opportunity in the contest:

  • Get to the top10 and win something
  • Take the new RagePixel toolset through it’s first real project
  • Free pre-launch visibility for the product

My biggest risks were:

  • RagePixel is still too rough for production use
  • Top10 is crowded by quality pre-made games by massive teams
  • My wife is killing me for ruining the Christmas

Now that the game is done, I couldn’t be happier. RagePixel, despite it’s rough edges, delivered way better than I expected:

  • Making assets was fun and fast. Finished 5 days early!
  • I have a realistic shot into the top10
  • She lets me live. For now.
Juha Kiili
January 6th, 2012