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Hello world!

Once upon a time I told myself never to write a blog. Never. Ever. Well, I guess I had my fingers crossed and my trollface on. The reasoning against blogging was:

  • Fear of failure
  • Internet has millions of blogs already
  • Fear of failure
  • High quality writing takes too much time
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of failure
  • English is not my first language
  • Fear of…

To counter this. Some good reasons for indie game development blogging:

  • Writing is fun
  • Efforts and experiments are documented
  • Exposure for your games
  • Learning to write proper English

As I said, I’ve had a negative attitude towards writing a blog. It’s mainly the aforementioned fear of failure, my beloved Nemesis. She’s been lurking behind my back all my life and I have a soft spot for her. She keeps me out of trouble I guess. I think I’ve always been like that. Cautious and risk averse. It’s part of my personality and always will be.

But now the tide is turning. I’ll turn 30 in couple of months. There’s this new kind of itch that needs scratching. I have a steady day job with a safe paycheck for many years to come. It’s safe, linear and uncomplicated. Great. But something is on. Slowly evolving in my mind. Something risky. Something creative. Something of my own. Someday. One day.

And I’m first to admit this: What I just described is a total clichĂ©. It’s like stereotypical 9-to-5 grinder after watching some C-class guru’s motivational change-your-life-you-can-fucking-do-it DVD. All jazzed up to get some serious million dollar shit done. Fistpumping like a certified maniac. Shouting out some fortune cookie power slogans. Just to finish it up with those magic words: “I’ll start tomorrow”. I bet millions of people do this sort of act every other month. They truly believe in it. Every time. Passionately. I don’t. I’m not a believer. I can’t force myself. Even when I know that positive mindset would be beneficial. I just have to do stuff my own way: slowly and cautiously.

If you haven’t figured it out yet. I’m dreaming about generating viable income from game development and (slowly) shifting into entrepeneurship. This blog is just a one small step of that journey. Someday. One day.

Written by Juha Kiili

February 4th, 2011 at 8:38 am

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